Ying and Yang  (A  symbolic  Story....kinda)

Once upon a time long, long ago we existed in a balanced state, like a yin and yang symbol that danced in pure love.  The white aspect was light and clear and bright, while the black was dark, dense and mysterious; and both were joined by love and were integral, vital parts of the beautiful whole.  

One day we decided to try an experiment. We decided to separate the light and dark aspects of the divine. We kept love on the side of the light and sent the dark away. Because love was on the side of the light we decided that the light was good, and the dark, which had become void of love, was bad. Thus we created duality.

Suddenly  we could  experience something that was impossible when we were united as one, we could experience ‘other’. We could now compare ourselves to ‘others’, judge ‘others’, take advantage of ‘others’, hurt ‘others etc...things that made no sense when we understood ourselves to be part of a united whole.

The darkness which found itself cut off from love felt terrible pain, rejection and anger and began to hate the light.  It seeped away into all the hidden corners and began to seethe. The absence of love caused the dark to distort and its true beautiful nature was twisted into evil. The dark became the lord of all things horrid, vile and repulsive. The fact that it had no morals or values to guide it meant it could do anything and so it grew more and more powerful.

Because we forgot our true state of unity we saw our opposite as the enemy. The aspects of the whole that aligned themselves with the light believed that they were righteous and that the darkness needed to be punished and eradicated.  The aspects that aligned themselves with the darkness saw the light as weak and sanctimonious and felt it must be made to know suffering.

Thus a war between the light and dark was started and suffering spread throughout the whole.

In truth those who stand in the light and judge and condemn the darkness are as much a cause of the suffering  as the dark.  The answer is not to try to beat the dark, negative polarity into submission, the answer  is to recognize it as part of the whole, and use the unifying force of love to heal those aspects that have been distorted into evil by being cut off from love.

The darkness gets its power from creating fear. When we act from fear we want to fight that which we feel opposes us. Some try to shine light onto the darkness thinking this is the solution..but the dark does not need to become light. In the same way that a plant needs both the rich dark soil, and the vibrant light to grow do we need both the light and the dark to be healthy and strong.

The solution is not to repel, to squash, to fight, or to rage against, as these actions ultimately only act to amplify and perpetuate the problem...the answer is to love. When we choose love instead of fear we begin to neutralize and heal the dualistic system.  When we remember that darkness is as much a part of us as the light, and that aspects of it have become evil because it has been separated from love, the only logical solution is love love love love and more love.

We are at the point in our story where we are ready to transcend the game of duality and start a new game based on unity and wholeness, and they key to our reunification is love.