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Creative Wings

Inspiring Brilliance!


                             Creative Imagination

Creative imagination is usually associated with art, and while it is obviously important to the artistic process it also has the ability to enrichen all aspects of our lives. By nurturing our imagination and creativity our minds become more flexible; our thoughts become more original; and it becomes easier to connect with, and express our own unique flow that emanates from deep within.

This dynamic workshop is packed with fascinating info, effective exercises and powerful techniques designed to assist the understanding and development of creativity and imaginative abilities. 


Creative Wings workshops are designed to assist people to reach beneath the surface to tap into their inner brilliance. As we strive to succeed in a competitive, demanding, often harsh society many of us lose touch with our innate exceptional abilities. When we learn to uncover and nurture these neglected, unique aspects of ourselves we reconnect with our source of genius, creativity, brilliance, and the expression of our most authentic self.


         Mask Making

Since ancient times we have used masks to explore ourselves and our world. Masks provide a creative means to express, protect, disguise, entertain, frighten, and conceal. They are powerful tools that allow us to bring potent inner aspects to the surface where they can be consciously understood and integrated.

  • Masks can bring awareness to both how we see ourselves and how others see us.

  • Masks are great tools for exploring, understanding, and healing inner aspects

  • Exploring inner shadow aspects can help us to clarify our motivations; discover our uniqueness and similarities; and become a source of revitalizing inspiration and integration.