The Deep Sacred Heart

For me a pivotal key to healing was finding my heart space. This is a real place that we all contain within us. It is within us, yet it is outside time and space and reaches beyond all levels and dimensions of the game of existence.  It is directly connected to source energy. It is absolutely unable to be touched by corruption and distortion. No matter what we are feeling and experiencing, if we can enter the deep sacred heart space, all else dissolves and becomes completely irrelevant. In this space we know the truth that everything but love is illusion.

This deep heart space is meant to be our sanctuary, a space beyond the illusion to which can retreat; a space to heal and re-energize before emerging once again to play in the illusion. It’s our home-base.

Unfortunately the pains and hurts that most of us on the human journey endure make us place walls of protection around our hearts; for it is there that we keep our most fragile and precious aspects. However, these barriers that we put up around our hearts for protection, actually keep us separate from our innate intimate space of love and healing. Many of us, other than a vague cultural reference, or a distant yearning, don’t even really remember our hearts.

The first and most important step in reconnecting with our hearts is having the intention. If you hold the intention, your heart will assist you to find your way back home.

Initially a useful tool can be to do a visualization in which you imagine yourself shining from the beautiful center of your heart. This is your space, put in whatever makes you feel good. Try to imagine as many details as possible. If you fill your space with roses, imagine exactly what color/colors they are, imagine how they are arranged, how they smell and feel. The details themselves are not important, it is the process of carefully, and lovingly, crafting an imaginary altar or temple for the heart, that helps us to reconnect to this sacred space.

Initially, it can also be useful to imagine a boundary around this space that ensures nothing uninvited can enter. With time this will become less important and eventually irrelevant. As you learn to trust your heart, you will eventually come to realise that the sacred heart space does not need boundaries. Divisions are unnecessary in the heart, as there all fits perfectly and harmoniously.

As you become more in tune with your heart , this generator of love will play an increasingly important role in your life. While initially the connection may have been based on imagination, it will progressively become one of the most, if not the most real thing in your life.

In its expression you will find your truest self.

The more you connect the more you will want to weave it into every aspect of your life.

It will become your rock bed foundation: a solid place that you can always fall back on regardless of what is going on around you in the physical world or in your mind.

You will also physically begin to feel it in daily life. Like a gentle hum or flutter over the breast bone. It feels fabulous. At first this sensation will likely be sporadic, but the more you nurture it and feel gratitude for the experience, the more present this feeling will be in your body.

As well the more familiar you become with the feeling of being aligned with your deep sacred heart the more obvious it will be when you’re NOT in alignment. As the connection strengthens it becomes easier and easier recognize when we are out of alignment and to bring ourselves back.

I feel that my sways away from the heart will progressively become smaller and smaller, as correction becomes more and more automatic, until eventually.... I will fall into true alignment.