The Flow of Riches

John D. Rockefeller, the wealthiest man on Earth at the time, was once asked ‘How much money is enough’. His answer was “Just a little bit more”. 

Most of us look to money to provide us with security. If we just had enough we could relax and coast through life. But as the quote from Rockefeller demonstrates, one rarely reaches a point of true contentment when money is the means of achieving it. As we look at the world around us and see how we have damaged the planet, and each other, in our mad attempt to chase the dollar, more and more people are realizing that it is high time we change our relationship with money.

We often hear that money is energy, and that we need to learn to love the energy of money in order to attract it. Recently, however, I came across a new way to look at money that really resonated with me. In this new way of looking at money we take the idea of energy a step further. Money is not just energy, it is a symbol that represents a life force. A life force whose purpose is to flow, nurture, and connect the planet and its inhabitants.

Access to this life force should be a natural part of our being. But because we have come to associate the accumulation of money with security and power this life force is being hoarded, and thus obstructed, and not permitted to flow in a natural way. True security and inner power come from trusting ourselves and our relationship with the universe, not from mass accumulations of money.

Another crucial aspect to shifting our relationship with this life force is to stop seeing money as something ‘out there’ that we need to ‘earn’. Instead we need to internalise this force, by aligning ourselves with it inside, and creating a cooperative relationship. One way to align with this force is to honour its purpose by doing what feels right. This is in relation to both how it flows to us, and from us. This means choosing employment that feels right and meaningful to us, and then using the energy generated by this activity to support individuals, companies and organizations that don’t abuse the planet and its inhabitants for their own gains. By aligning with this life force we become part of its natural flow, participating in a dance that nurtures and supports the whole.

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