Changing energies

True state self-love

In our true state we recognize ourselves and others as aspects of a whole, we are united as one. This is what we mean by oneness. Each individual, unique aspect reaches deep down and arrives at the same central point (See drawing). When we are in this state of awareness we are love, our natural state, and it becomes absurd to want to hurt or take advantage of the same way it would seem mad to start stabbing yourself in the leg. 

In the illustration above the outer points represent individuals. Each individual reaches down to the same central point within. So each outer point (individual) represents a unique expression of the divine essence. The middle circle represents the veil or barrier that in this reality blocks us from reaching the central point where we all connect...and so allows us to believe that we are separate and distorts the flow of divine energy.

The Veil

We created a ‘divider, wall, veil’ that distorted the flow of love and allowed us to experience the illusion of separateness. As we pass through the veil of forgetfulness into this world we enter the state of amnesia. Once here we are completely cut off from the natural feeling of love that, without this ‘divider’, courses through our being and animates and directs all we do.

This experiment worked much more effectively than many of us players actually anticipated. Cut off from the source/ from love, fear was able to grow and breed in ways we’d never imagined.  Slowly but surely it became the dominant force on the planet... love was relegated to the sidelines, and the energies of the planet became denser and denser.

Aligning with fear supported

Everything that aligned with dense energies was supported. Adopting a greedy, selfishness, cold calculating nature would see you thrive.  While so many heartfelt endeavours were corrupted, met with apathy and disappointment, or were extremely challenging. We, humanity, actually came to believe this aggressive, fear driven state to be our true nature.

Reaching a head

But in the last few years we have begun to witness everything reaching a head. The planet has been thoroughly explored and exploited, so much so our survival is at risk; in what we call the economy the divide between the rich and poor has become so extreme a tiny part of humanity is dominating the huge majority; and we have explored science so deeply we are on the verge of uncovering the ‘God’ particle. Right now if we went much further down the dense path we would likely end up as miserable numbered slaves, surviving on pills and sugar water.

But if we remember that below the surface all is love, and this dynamic of a small group dominating the masses etc, is just  part of the natural unfolding of dense energies, then we can stop feeling fearful, powerless, angry, and  relax and trust that what we are witnessing is simply the play out of the energies of separation.  By choosing this viewpoint, we can focus our energy on grounding and spreading love in our world, and we stop feeding the fear paradigm.


Purpose of the wall

This experiment of separation was never intended as a means to create suffering, it was intended to help us learn and to understand ourselves. Most of us here probably can recognise how deep wounds, though painful at the time, actually make us deeper, stronger, and more resilient once they are healed.

Now that these dense energies have been allowed to play themselves out, it is time to make the shift back to our natural state.  We have played the out the good and evil dynamic to the fullest.  Now it is time to infuse all those parts of ‘ourself’ that we have hidden in the dark, both on an individual and collective level, with healing love. It is time to take the next evolutionary leap and re-unite in a wholeness that is deeper, wiser and stronger from our journey of separation.

Transmuting energies-surface vs. beneath

 On the surface it can be difficult to see the transmutation that is occurring, as from this perspective things appear worse than ever. Wars, greed, suffering are rife. But below the surface a dramatic change has occurred. The energies of love have begun seeping back in.  At first these energies can be difficult to perceive because many of us have become so deeply entrenched in the fear-based paradigm.  But as we individually and collectively begin to heal and release our fears, the more room we make for love to enter our lives.

Time to align with love

Many of us are tired and weary...we’ve been playing in these dense energies for what feels like way too long. But finally it is time to come home to love. Right now love is touching each of us and gently nudging us back into alignment with our hearts. If we fight this change and try and stick to our fear based reality, things will become increasingly uncomfortable, as this old world is in the process of crumbling. While not long ago investing your energies into this paradigm was virtually a key to success, today this path will likely lead to disappointment.  However, if we choose to trust and follow our own path of love, which is really just about learning to love and trust ourselves at all levels, (becoming our true self), we will experience incredible transformations in both our inner and outer worlds.

Time to rejoice

So even though it may not appear so from the surface, it is time to rejoice for love has returned and the process of guiding us back reconnection with the natural world, each other, and ourselves is underway. When we step out of our limited fear based consciousness into the vastness of loving awareness, we will not only understand, but feel deeply our interconnectedness and our divinity.

We are in the beginning stages of this shift, but like how a tiny spark can become a raging fire, love has been seeded and it is growing exponentially.

The old energies were based in fear and separation and the new energies are based on love and unity. For a description of these energies please click here.