Secret Weapon

We are at a point when we, the masses, are beginning to wake up and realize that a small and extremely powerful group is ferociously oppressing us. Those that have awoken to the reality of the situation find ourselves faced with a power that, while we were sleeping, has become so dominant and controlling that it is practically unstoppable. This small group of people at the very top have the entire system at their fingertips to use to enact their will. They are very ready for us to wake up and be angry. They are expecting it!


The Mechanisms of Control

I believe that the most effective method the elite use to control us is the indoctrination of fear. When humans feel loved and accepted at a deep level we naturally stand in our power and live our lives from the heart. However, our society has been purposely injected with so much fear that most of us forget our true nature. Our subconscious is continually bombarded with airbrushed images of beauty that tell us that we are imperfect, with stories of war and violence, and with objects that we are persuaded to desire, but can't afford. We are taught that human nature is violent, selfish and competitive, and to distrust everyone but those closest to us. People who are isolated and scared are easy to control.


The Secret Weapon

We however, have something so powerful on our side that, if we choose to tap into it, regardless of what the 1% do to attempt to subdue us, they will fail. There is a force that is waking up with us. This force is LOVE and it is the most powerful force in the universe. It has been laying in wait, deep down at the bottom of our hearts. This powerful force of LOVE is now seeping back into our consciousness, ready to guide and support us back on our journey to freedom, unity and autonomy.

LOVE is so powerful against ‘the powers that be' because it is a force that they don't understand and can't control. In order to get to the positions at the top of the pyramid they have largely had to cut themselves off from love. They think in a cold, calculated, deceitful, underhanded Machiavellian way; the opposite of love.

LOVE unites us. It shows us that we are all part of something utterly amazing that is currently unfolding on the planet. When we align with our hearts we feel our interconnectedness and understand that when some benefit at the expense of others, we all lose.

When we make the choice to act from love instead of fear we reconnect with our innate truth. It reminds us how powerful and magical we truly are, which is something TPTB have spent a lot of energy trying to get us to forget. When we remember all that we are truly capable of, nothing can stop us.

Let's face it, we're not going to beat them at their own game. They are the masters of deception, violence and force; they have all the chips stacked in their favour. But if we focus on spreading love everywhere and in every way we can, I think we might be surprised to see what happens when this awesome force, that unites us all, gains momentum.

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