Using recycled and found objects pleases me on a conceptual level as well as on an environmental level.  The fact that each discarded item I use has an unknown history creates a sense of mystique for me.  I see it as my role to restore a sense of admiration to these discarded objects by making them part of a new story.  Like a poet or an alchemist I attempt the elusive challenge of combining elements in such a way that the whole equals more than the sum of the parts.

Glass has become one of my favourite materials to use, its transparency, colour, light, distortive, and reflective qualities intrigue me.   I also enjoy using metals because of the mirror like quality they possess as well as the interesting and varying effects aging has on them.     

When working on a piece I am filled with a sense of magic and play.  I feel as though I am following a curious plan that reveals itself to me as I progress.  Sometimes this process happens instantly, while at other times there is hours of trial and error involved.  When I feel that unity and balance have been achieved, when the piece sits comfortably with itself I know my work is done.

My most recent body of work, the Blue Flower Ianthe series, draws on alchemy and Romantic symbolism.  For the Romantics the blue flower was a symbol of love, hope, reinvention, and the ongoing search for artistic perfection.   




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