Reclaiming Our Collective Heart

Good rationale must be independent of emotions, personal feelings or any kind of instincts. Any rational process of evaluation or analysis must strive to be highly objective, logical and mechanical.

It is somewhat ironic that it was during the period of our history known as the Age of Enlightenment that science and rationalism began to exclusively guide our advancement as a society, while the heart was relegated to the realm of sentimentality and romance. 

As we head deeper into the cold, hard calculating reality where everyone is numbered and life and worth is measured in dollars, it becomes increasingly clear that we need to reclaim our collective heart, or we risk completely devaluing and destroying ourselves and so much that is beautiful on our planet.

Our hearts recognize true value beyond the dollar. In our hearts the future of our children and their descendants is far more important than accumulating material objects; to the heart the madness of destroying our ancient forests for fast-food burgers is blatant; and our hearts know that there is something very wrong when people are buying 200 million dollar yachts while there are starving children in deplorable conditions.

Our hearts are there to remind us that we are not machines, we are naturally loving, compassionate, creative beings. When we align with our hearts we feel our interconnectedness and understand that when some benefit at the expense of others, we all lose.

Our hearts crave closeness, meaning, purpose and a sense an innate belonging that are not found in the prevalent rat race style reality. By following our hearts we will be guided back towards reconnection with the natural world, each other and ourselves.

I sense a deep energetic shift taking place and I hear the call of the heart getting louder. The call is urging us to heal the rift between rationality and heart awareness so that the heart and the mind can operate as one. When we collectively learn to heed that call and allow both love and reason to guide our decisions, then, I feel, we will have truly stepped into an Age of Enlightenment.

© Christina Lavers 2011

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