One day a boy named Jasper Blue was following butterflies in the rainforest around his home in Australia. As he ran along the pebbles by the small creek, enthralled in the colourful magic of their wings, he suddenly wondered why there were butterflies.
“Butterflies,” he called out, “why are you here?”
“Why,” one of the butterflies exclaimed, “we are here to flutter in the warm air, to balance delicately on leaves, and to drink luscious nectar from flowers. But,” said the butterfly as he began to playfully swirl around with his friend, “most of all we are here to love.”
Jasper felt an enormous smile burst from within. Following butterflies always made him giggle and feel happy.


As Jasper headed deeper into the rainforest he heard a strange, vibrant humming sound coming from nearby. When he went to explore, he discovered, behind a bush, a satin bowerbird working on an amazing bower.
“Bowerbird,” he asked, “why are you here?”
“Well,” the bowerbird answered, “we satin bowerbirds are creative creatures. We collect beautiful bits of blue for our bowers on the forest floor, we make mysterious whistling and buzzing sounds, and feast on the yummiest berries in the forest. But,” he said surveying his enchanting stage on which he would dance to attract a mate,  “most of all we are here to love.”
Jasper’s eyes began to twinkle like stars.  He always felt fascinated and filled with wonder when he saw
satin bowerbirds. 

Later as Jasper quietly made his way through a moist, ferny grove he came across a redneck pademelon who was munching away on some native grass.
“Pademelon,” he asked softly “why are you here?”
“Why,” the pademelon whispered, “we small, gentle creatures are here to lie in the morning sun, to leap silently across the forest floor, and to eat succulent fresh grass shoots. But,” she said gently touching her pouch, “most of all we are here to love.”
Jasper felt his heart beat warmly. Watching
pademelons always made him feel calm and peaceful.

A while later Jasper was playing on the big stones in one of his favourite spots in the forest when he noticed a goanna stealthily climbing up the trunk of a tree. 
 “Goanna, goanna,” he yelled, “why are you here?”
“Well,” the goanna hissed, “goannas are industrious creatures, we are here to forage through the forest floor, to dig huge burrows in the ground, and to climb high in trees in search of nests filled with scrumptious eggs. But,” she said thinking of her babies hidden deep in the underground nest, “most of all we are here to love.”
Jasper laughed happily. He always felt captivated and especially alert when he saw

As Jasper slowly headed home through the vines and moss near the windy little creek, a red splash in a nearby tree caught his eye. It was a king parrot.
“King parrot,” he called out, “why are you here?”
“Well,” squawked the king parrot, “king parrots are here to playfully squabble, to make loud calls as we fly over the forest canopy, and to eat delicious seeds, fruits and blossoms. But” he said looking over to a parrot who’s beak was still baby black, “most of all we are here to love.”
Jasper jumped up with joy. He felt so full of fun and excitement when he saw
king parrots.

That night Jasper lay in bed with his mother thinking about all he had learned from his animal friends.
“Mama,” he asked, “why are we here?”
“Well,” his mother answered. “There are so many reasons. We are here to learn, to play, to explore, to create, to dream and to share.”
“But,” Jasper said giving his mum a big cuddle, “most of all we are here to love.