Mysticalchemyarts Deep Musings


When we are in alignment with love, we re-join with the perfection of nature,  we operate in a delicately profound communion with all. We become a part of divine creation, rather than apart from divine creation and as an expression of divine creation we can’t be anything but perfect.

We are moving away from the illusion of separation and as we do the energy is becoming  less distorted.  Everytime we allow the points of darkness to surface and return them to a state of love, we lessen the distortion.  The more we heal our heart, the less we need to hide in our heads. When we have faced our demons and we can finally relax into our hearts, we stop needing to control and are able to

*the key is realizing that the distortions are actually maps guiding us back toward perfection. We start journeying towards home when we stop viewing the distortions as working against us and recognize them as signposts showing us areas that need to be healed with love



Behind the Scenes

I have decided to share something that for a long time I held close to my chest. I now feel it is my responsibility to share this, as it could possibly help some people. Back in1991 I was contacted (largely telepathically) by entities (possibly unconscious aspects of myself existing in other realms) that began teaching me. The main entity called herself Valerie, which I later discovered to be an anagram for ‘I reveal’. The journey I was guided on was intense to say the least. I learned to go within and explore my inner world. At first I came to understand myself, and they way I had ‘put myself together’. Then as delved deeper I began to connect with long forgotten aspects of myself and slowly more and more memories began to return.

The beings I communicated with were playful and loving…though certainly not afraid of ‘the dark”. It would take a book to describe all the details of this process that was initiated in 1991. The crux of their message is really…love…play…enjoy…and don’t take everything so seriously…especially yourself.

The specifics that I want to share here is what I discovered behind the scenes, beyond all the layers of drama.

It is as though there is a secret trap door deep within that allows us access to behind the scenes. I discovered this door back in 1996, and while for me passing through it was terrifying…leaving all I knew and trusted…not knowing if I would ever be able to return, it was THE ULTIMATE rewarding experience…and obviously as you can see I did come back…with a whole new perspective. (*the entities used a Q to describe this action. The circle represents the contained finite reality we normally exist within, and the tail of the Q is the bridge to infinity).

What I saw on my sojourn to the other side is that WE are creating all of this. We’re the writers, the architects, the actors, the stage…everything. It’s all US!

We’ve been playing this game of duality for so long now…the good guys, the bad guys, sides, divisions... I mean we do it brilliantly, using the tool of duality we have created an incredibly complex story filled with high drama, excitement and powerful roles. The plots we have concocted are fabulously complex and fascinating. We have so much fun creating wild sub-plots, and winding rabbit holes.

It can be fun and intriguing to explore and try to figure things out from this side, but when we take it so seriously that we enter into fear and think the answer is out there, instead of within, then we lose ourselves in the plot.

It’s been an intense game, and now everything is reaching a head. We’re getting ready to go to the next level. We created the roles of the dark ones to keep us from remembering love by distracting us from ourselves with fear. We programmed those parts of ourself to keep us seperate, and they are doing brilliantly. A big congrats to them will certainly be in order when we remember that this is a elaborate, intense, beautiful game…that WE all have created.

We are approaching the funnest part, the part where we start to wake up, see the roles we have been playing, and remember who we really are beyond this grand stage. But the longer we look only to the outside, the longer it will take, and the uglier things will appear. The PTB only have power over us while we engage in the duality framework…us and them mentality. When we look inside and discover how deep we actually go, we remember all that we truly are, and know that deep down we are ONE.

For me connecting with this backstage perspective allows me to delve and play in this reality in a way that I am continually learning and loving, without buying into the fear of the drama. I don’t expect anyone to simply accept what I have written, but I hope it will resonate for some, reflect a similar truth discovered within, or inspire someone to explore their inner world. I’m also curious to see what people's thoughts are on this perspective.


Becoming a Star

I see my incredible beauty and how hard I have worked to regain this state awareness. I cry. I am so beautiful, but so few really see. That part that desires outside acknowledgement is the part that feels separate and small (ego). I bring that part of me to the heart. There, I know there is nothing else but me. I am all. I am. Only I can truly appreciate myself. Nothing else matters.

I see a dimension in which I look out (with 360" vision) all I can see all around me are mirrors reaching out into infinity...I see myself reflected everywhere in different states and forms.

I once saw myself from this perspective and was was frightened by what I Now when I flash to this perspective I love what I see...and what I see loves me. I am filled with the beauty, excitement, wonderment and joy of what I am

We’ve been programmed to look outside of ourselves for love and acceptance. It finally feels like the time is approaching when we stop trying to do things backwards. It’s like so many of us have our lights shining outwardly, either searching, attracting, or trying to light the way, but when we realize that by turning our lights, inward into our hearts, by learning to love ourselves completely, unconditionally, we actually become STARS that radiate from the point of God (that point in our hearts where we all meet). When the light shines forth purely from our hearts, we discover and become all that we were ever trying to find.


Own Time

I just wanted to share a useful tool that I’ve discovered in relation to time.

If I have to be somewhere at a certain time instead of continually checking a clock to guide the speed of my actions, I just imagine a thread running from my heart to the destination. Then I just relax in trust and do what I need to at whatever pace pleases me and feels right. There were four times when I got into the car (where I have an obvious clock) and saw that I was running late (to a wedding, a funeral, and medical apts). Instead of freaking out and going into stress mode, I just thought of the string that joined my heart and my destination, and proceeded in a relaxed fashion. In all four cases my timing was perfect (2 times I miraculously got there on time, 2 times I was late time-wise but got there just as the patient before me was leaving).

It feels to me like when we disconnect from the notion of time being an external force that we must conform to, and allow the heart to make its own time, the nature of time changes, like most things, when touched by love, it becomes more amenable, softer, more fluid and forgiving.

I can see how eventually we won’t have to use time in the way we’re used to it at all. The more we learn to trust our hearts to guide us, the more harmonious things become. I see that when we reach our heart space, we will just flow together in a kind of organic synchronized dance. Being at the right place at the right time will just be the way.

It feels to me like we’re jumping off the boat of time into the ocean of infinite love.


The Real Secret

I feel that the real secret that is being withheld from us is the fact that the key to our evolution is well and truly within, but the way to reach it is that we need to integrate all our inner aspects, including the depths of our darkness. Without the integration of our darkness we can never truly become whole, and we will always be able to be controlled by fear. Meanwhile much of popular New Age info, channelling etc, promotes a focus on the Light, even promoting the idea of a battle between the Light and Dark. This creates the perfect situation for the PTB by keeping those interested in spirituality (those playing in the arena where true power lies) in a virtual innocuous fantasy, often completely avoiding the very place their true power is hidden. The potentially powerful spiritual process, becomes ultimately fruitless, and impotent when we deny the dark. Metaphorically speaking, the key is hidden in the ****.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to suggest that the answer is to be dark, but rather that the secret is that we are everything. We are playing a beautiful game/experiment that ultimately just involves the creation of a state of duality and then trying to return to a state of unity. Simple, the only way to get back to the state of unity is to realize that we are everything…the light and the dark, and to reconnect with all those frightening aspects of ourselves that we have hidden away and repressed.

The PTB know that repressed fear is the most useful for control, for, outside of our consciousness it becomes an unknown, a haunting anxiety that keeps us small. Once we fully explore our inner selves, and process and understand our own darkness, then we truly become free, as we are no longer trapped in the game, rather it is as though we can see it from above. The PTB’s role is to perpetuate a sense of helplessness, fear and division. Our role is to rediscover our power, love and ultimately unity.

The ultimate threat to the PTB is if everyone began to look inside and discovered the truth within. I believe this to be the only way we can free ourselves. If everyone learned to connect with their wholeness within, the tactics used for millennia to control us, would become obsolete. The PTB would simply no longer serve a purpose, and we could begin playing a new game, one no longer guided by fear and, but by understanding our unity and connection.

The PTB have created a virtual hall of mirrors that keeps us focused on the outside. Of course that is their role in this game/experiment, and they are playing their parts beautifully. But I feel it is now time for us to wake up to ourselves, to reclaim our power and change the nature of this game to one that acknowledges our interconnectedness and the incredible beauty of each individual, planets and universe. It is time to go to the next level, but in order to do this we need to throw of the shackles that keep us mired in distractions.

I can imagine that for many what I am suggesting might seem like an impossible task, however, I feel this force within is extremely powerful and slowly more people are connecting with it, and finding that beautiful love that heals the darkness within. It is now like a small spark hiding in the darkness, but as more people begin adding their energy to it, the more it will grow and eventually spread like wildfire.



A couple of days ago I was in a weird state and I read a blog that really rubbed me the wrong way. The main thing that got to me was that the person was calling other people ignorant, and seemed to take a really arrogant approach. I wrote the comment, and though it didn’t fully sit right with me I posted it anyway. The comment finished with “If you think that calling others ignorant demonstrares high spiritual evolution, you’ve obviously not had to learn the lesson of humility yet (another thing that helps us align with our hearts).”. Immediately after I saw the irony. I had done the exact same thing that I accused him of. I acted like I knew better. Afterwards a whole set of emotions began to surface. I felt like a fool, and I clearly saw my fear of humiliation, and my need to feel superior to others. I have done a lot of processing and releasing over the years in regard to these issues, and really thought I had reached resolution…but no…apparently still another layer to clear.

I believe that when we have the need to feel better than others it really stems from the part that feels less than, that doesn’t feel good enough. So back to work I went. I do a lot of my healing work in the bath, so it was there I headed. First I went into the part of me that feels good about myself, then holding that part I sank down from my head into my heart. Immediately I felt uncomfortable, ‘yuck’ the superior part said, “I don’t like this”. But I could feel that what I was feeling was REAL because in my heart I was connected both to the part that feels superior, and the part that feels inferior…both became connected in love. This is the space I always need to operate from I told myself. Immediately my superior side went into resistance… “No way!” It said “how can I get anything done if I have to drag that lame part around with me!”. Then my inferior part answered back clearly and with strength “I have a right to be here, I deserve love too”. I was surprised by the new strengh of this aspect, which in the past had seemed fearful. I could feel my superior side was also impressed. I felt the two parts relax into my heart. It is difficult to explain what happened after this. It was as though the two parts just dropped their roles and began to feel the freeness that came from standing side by side, rather than domination and submission. I also saw that in this space it is impossible to fall, because there is no where to fall to. When these aspects are not joined in the heart, the superior part fears dropping down into the reality of the inferior aspect, but when they meet in truth, there is no up, or down, there just is.


My Heart Speaks: Coming Home

Please I need you to come home

I send out the call of love
It is time to return to our divine heart
I need all of you
Yes all
Every last one
Those of you who do not feel worthy
Those of you so wounded you know longer care
Rapists, murderers, child abusers
You too belong
No one will be turned away
For I am ALL
Without you I am not complete
At home in the heart all is forgiven
In the heart we become one

In order to bring home our brothers and sisters who hide in the darkness, those of you who step in these unchartered territories, feeling your way toward the new world, need to love and accept those same rejected parts within yourselves.
For we all contain everything from the most sublime to the most depraved.
By owning your darkness you take responsibility for it and it ceases to contribute to the darkness on the outside.
When you learn to forgive and accept those aspects that you find repulsive, the battle ceases, and your inner state can begin to relax into the harmonious state of unity. This is the only way to create change. Learning to love every single bit, even the horrible, is the key to transformation. And as more and more of you transform inside, the faster you will see transformation occurring on the outside.

Shame, guilt, fear and judgement separate you from yourself. Whereas love, forgiveness and acceptance bring you home to the heart. This is true inside and out.

Read the starting passage to yourself as though you were God /Love (for you are). Call all your aspects home.

I send out the call of love
It is time to return to our divine heart… (see above)

Ground yourself in love. Allow any darkness to surface, and holding it in love, examine it without judgement. It is ok, it is just part of the all. Staying connected to love, allow yourself to feel any fear that may surround it. Just allow the fear to just be, until it feels ready to be released. Cleansed of fear now you can allow the dark part of yourself to finally return your heart, where it is loved and protected as a part of the whole. As slowly, but surely our rejected parts crawl out and join with us in our heart, our energy centralises and shifts from an ailing dualistic state to a vital unified one.

A common mistake that people make is to focus on light without accepting the depth of their darkness. This can contribute to negative situations because darkness trapped away in the unconscious becomes sad, angry and rebellious. Away from the safety of love, it spends its energy working against us; but protected within the heart it is content and doesn’t need to be expressed.

Everything fits together so beautifully in the heart. In love all is divine and has its perfect place

You are all so incredibly beautiful

The time for transformation is now



One of the most frustrating aspects of being on the sacred path is that not everyone is consciously aware they are on it. For so long I ‘knew’ that there was a better way, that magic is real, and that our reality is far richer and amazing than the mainstream perception. But I was continually told that I was a dreamer, a wishful thinker…maybe even a little bit touched :). Now I have become aware that I am not alone, there are many other ‘dreamers’ like me out there. We know that there is very deep change going on, we feel it in our hearts and souls, and we experience it in our life. But still the majority of people on the planet are oblivious to it all.

There is a part of me that looks to the outside, waiting for the event that proves to the rest of the world that what we know in our hearts is true…we are not crazy…we are actually ‘tuned in’. From the messages I see on the net I think there are a lot of us doing this. Of course it is completely understandable that we want this proof, but it seems that whenever there is a suggestion that the event is coming, it ultimately never manifests, and to most people the world largely continues to look the same.

The lesson here seems to be that we need to stop focusing on the outside, as it is really only what occurs on the inside that is important. I think often it is our egos that want the drama of a major event; and that wants to be recognized as being ‘right’. For so long we have been the ‘weird’ ones, of course we want to be acknowledged as the pioneers we truly are.

I know there will come a day when I can cry tears of joy with my fellow humans, when we all acknowledge the miracle that we are, but until then I have to continue to focus on the miracles that occur within my sphere of consciousness, and to stop needing outside confirmation of the incredible process that is occurring, that I am.


The Devil

This is not my 'area', and generally I would not even use terms like the Devil. But this is the way it presented itself to me in this moment and I think it is interesting and I would like to share.

I understood that there was something for me to find of myself in the metaphor of darkness.

I’d known for a long time that we were being manipulated by a small powerful group, that had no concern for the welfare of the human population. I had also heard that there were rings of devil worshipers that possibly went up to the top levels of society. The more I looked into this the more the evidence seemed to suggest that there was a massive link between the two. It became clear that there is a small group, often termed the cabal, of people who have been working with that very dark energy that we call the devil. This relationship has provided them with untold wealth and power.

Yesterday as I lay in the bath I pondered this current wave of intrigue with the dark that I had been experiencing. I was pretty sure I had not been involved in any dark rituals as a child, that I had since repressed or anything like that. But then when I expanded into my wider self I felt the energy that we call the devil surfaced in me. Ohhh I know this energy very very well. Suddenly I remembered lifetimes of dancing with this dark dangerous energy. At first it was a bit frightening, but one of the most important things this process has taught me is not to push away ANY energy that surfaces. So I allowed it to be. As I did some very important things became clear.

On the surface this being is the personification of evil. But what I saw was that behind the illusion, was that this energy we call the devil is very different from the role it plays on the surface . In fact at the base of this energy was the most beautiful unimaginable love. This old energy told me that out of the deepest love for Spirit, it had volunteered to ‘play’ the dark one in this game of duality. This was no easy task as in order to do this it was necessary to completely cut itself off from love. So what appeared to be the ultimate rejection of the prime source was actually the most profound act of love for the divine energy that we call God.

But now the game rules have changed, and the devil has at last been able to return to its true state of LOVE. The devil and God have been re-united...the marriage of heaven and hell! This is hugely important because it means that the dark forces at work in this Earthly realm will no longer have the support they have come to expect from their ‘dark lord of duality’…and this energy assures me, without that support, the whole evil empire will collapse into a heap, leaving room for the the new energy based in love and unity to rise from the ashes.


The Aliens are Coming?

Lately I’ve seen a lot of posts discussing whether aliens are coming to save us, or to harm us. However in my experience, this is completely irrelevant. When I reach the state beyond the last veil, that state that feels like home and I see things as they really are, I see the drama of the 3D world is just that a drama, a story, a place where we play with energies of density in order to learn. The alien scenario is just another layer of this. Our 3D experience is just an expression/refection of our inner world. The outer world organizes itself in a way to perfectly reflect our deepest beliefs, and thus to help us understand ourself. Once we transmute our inner fears into love then there no reason for fearful experiences to manifest on the outside. Until this happens we will see fearful experiences on the outside, and ultimately it doesn’t really matter if it is aliens, the government, muggers, or whatever, they are all just tools that help us learn. When we get beyond duality we remember that all is love, the good and the bad are just aspects of ourself playing in the layers of drama. From that perspective it becomes really funny how seriously we take ourselves and every thing in this reality.

Along the way we may discover deeper layers of ourself, like: wow I am really Osarra golden carrier of white light, or an ancient member of council of divine remembrance, and while there is truth to these revelations, the key is not to take them too seriously, because these, while deeper truths than the shallow surface level of the drama, are still just ultimately part of the drama, and ultimately distract us from our deepest truth. Backstage beyond the drama we become simply I AM.

For me this is the point of the whole ascension process, to get to this point where we see the deepest truth and remember our existence beyond thee drama, the point where we are all one. All means all…everyone, everything…even those slimy reptilians are, behind the scenes, just LOVE. Because of this there is absolutely nothing to fear. We will only get taken by aliens, or preyed on by dark forces if this is what we have written into our script, and we would only do this if we felt that this was the best way to learn what we need to learn. Ultimately we just need to trust ourselves and the process that we have each created for ourselves in order to advance and ultimately get to the state of true remembering, where we become our true selves.


As it All Falls Down

I see all the crumbling and destruction around us, yet I don’t feel sad, or guilty, or angry. Actually I kinda feel excited and exhilarated. The reason for this is because for many years that I have been on this path, while I’ve felt the divine nature of existence, and experienced incredible magic, there was always still a small part of me that thought maybe I was mistaken, maybe the world really was just this dry, physical, empty, meaningless, random occurrence (as everyone around me insisted) and I was just on some whimsical flight of fancy. But in the last year the changes that I have experienced on the inside and the events that I am witnessing on the outside leave no doubt that we are part of an incredible divine plan that is unfolding.

I feel I can now completely trust my inner knowing. I know I am exactly where I should be doing exactly what I should be. I also know that EVERYONE is doing exactly what they should be. The people who are coming together to help clean up the gulf are the one’s destined to do that, even the ‘dark ones’ counting their money and laughing in a perfectly evil laugh are playing their parts in this whole thing. I believe that if we just do what we really feel we should be doing then all is well. The crumbling is just part of the process. I trust the process. I see that as this process unfolds, more and more people are becoming aware. I have no doubt this is going to continue to grow, and bit-by-bit fear will be replaced by LOVE. Yes we’ve made a big mess, and yes we are going to have to clean it up. But in the right head space, I think it could actually be fun.

Which brings me to the magic. I miss the days of outrageous synchronicities, and cosmic travelling that were part of my initial awakening, but I don’t think we’re finished with that wonderful stuff. As I grow into my multidimensional self I don’t feel it’s like growing up, I feel it is more like growing out. In 3D we are start off as children, then we are meant to leave that behind and become adults. But in my multidimensional self I feel I encompass all the stages. There is a part of me that is very serious ‘adult like’, but there is also a part me that expresses itself in a very childlike way, that loves to play and be silly. In this part I feel like a child of the universe and magic is my birthright. My feeling is that right now it is time for a bit more serious stuff, but it won’t be forever.

In my world the rainforest trees are lush and beautiful, the lyrebirds and the wallabies dig around at he edge of the bush, my baby sleeps in his cot and my twin flame will be home from the job he loves working a an ecologist in the forest. Simple pleasures bring me so much joy. I am happy and enjoying being alive in these exciting times. I feel so full of gratitude for what I have. While my heart goes out to all the people and animals that are suffering during this destructive stage of the process, I don’t feel responsible for them, and I don’t feel in anyway guilty that I am not suffering. I’m doing my best to spread love however I can; and that which is part of my world, but outside my sphere of influence, I watch with loving detachment.


Cast Off

This is a collaborative work between me and a channelled sacred aspect.

I am the god/dess that dwells deep within you. You hear me cry. A Pain that runs deep. You no longer recognize me. You forget how we skipped together under the sun and danced in love. I am your roots and your wings. You fear me both because I am pure like an angel and as dirty as they come. I watch the elaborate, exhaustive dance that you do to hide yourself from my truth. I wait patiently for you to have the courage to move through the fear and discover the endless love messages I have been sending you. They are intricately woven into every strand of the fabric of your reality. The time has come for you to look into the mirror and recognize me. The time has come for us to walk as one.

Love love love


Merging with the Divine

On Thursday night me and my partner sat outside on the veranda and watched the stars. There was one very bright one that caught my eye. As I stared at it I felt my first chakra reach out and connect with it. There was a lot of powerful energy buzzing between us. I said to my partner that I thought we should meditate on this star. As I focused on it everything else around went completely dark. It was just me and the star energy and I heard a voice in my head saying “are you ready…come to me”.

I knew this was the divine aspect of myself…it felt like God. “I’m ready” I said. But decided to check in to ensure that all aspects of myself were indeed ready and wanting. When I asked inside myself a very strong united “yes” resounded….but along side it was a “no”. “Ok, who said no” I asked.

This aspect moved to the forefront “it was me” it said.

“Ok so why don’t you want to merge with the divine?” I asked.

“Because it’s stupid” it answered like a sullen teen. I instantly knew that this aspect was one I had used for protection. If I didn’t care I wouldn’t get hurt. If everything is stupid there is no room for disappointment. Rejection and disappointment were what had shaped this aspect.

At this point the Voice stepped in and asked this aspect “why were you created?”
The aspect roared with a surge of energy “ I was created to rip and stomp, to tear and growl, to beat and course.”

Instantly I recognized that society had taught me to fear this aspect of myself , and thus instead of giving it love and allowing it to fulfill it’s role (art-music, visual art, dance and theater; sport; and sex are great arenas for these energies to play), I had subdued its vital energies and relegated to a role of bored critic. As this awareness grew inside me (I’ve had this revelation before, but as when many things in this process, this seemed to occur on an even deeper level this time), I felt it begin to open to love. As I showered it with love it reminded me once again of a sullen teen, only now there was a little smile that was impossible to hold back forming on its face.


“Let me in” the Voice said.

“Are we ready?” I asked

“Yes” there was no opposition this time.

“You are my beautiful angel” the Voice said.

“You are my beautiful angel” I said.

We are one

I felt myself expand and the vibration of love that enveloped me was, well… divine!


The Big Shift

Though I am rooted in physical realm,  for a long time I have had access to a secret world beyond the physical that is governed by love and unity. It was a place I could glimpse and sometimes slip into. I could clearly see the difference between the way the two realities operated.  My higher experiences were private and personal. Though I knew that what I experienced in that state of consciousness was in many respects more real than what I experienced in the material world, I learnt that my experiences were not taken seriously in this realm, and so eventually I chose to pretend that I didn’t know what I did and just played along.

Now I am absolutely blown away because in the last few months I have discovered that there are thousands of others out there like myself who have been waking up and beginning to dance the cosmic dance along the path of Love. And now the shift is evident, it suddenly feels like my secret, precious inner world that I kept tucked deep inside is NOW OUTSIDE..or more accurately it seems as though I am weaving them together…all the aspects of duality…inside/outside, up/down, male/female etc…It’s the marriage of HEAVEN and HELL that Blake wrote about. The two become one.

In 3D thinking we compare, contrast and categorize everything-that is how our 3D brains work. I am here/you are there; this is me/that is a tree; this is 3D reality/that is 5D reality etc. While in the higher dimensions it’s a lot simpler because it’s all me. I look at a tree/ person/ flower and think mmm I’m beautiful and know that I am everywhere. When talking to a friend there is a funny element because I actually know that I am talking to myself. This happened to me a few weeks ago. I was on the ph explaining to a friend a bit about how the veil was so thin for me now… when whoa I slipped behind the veil and was seeing from this perspective once again. “Like right now I am talking to myself”, I laughed. “It doesn’t matter who’s mouth this comes out of It’s all just me!” Then I slipped back and my identity shifted from the I back to being Christy. In Oneness consciousness there is no separation-no us and them, no here and there, no past and future---it is all I HERE NOW!

In the past I have had glimpses of what this will look like on Earth and what I saw was so beautiful. Everyone tapped into the source (LOVE) and recognising themselves/God in everything. Competition becomes absurd- unless it is purely for fun. Sharing and cooperation become the only paths that make sense. We become bound together in joy and admiration of who and what we are.

P.s. The suffering that we see and experience in 3D is just part of the 3D illusion. When we slip behind the veil we see that all is actually perfect love.


The Depth and Beauty of What is Afoot

On Sunday night I lay in the bath and thought about the book, The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life by Thomas Moore, which had found its way into my hands. It had leapt out at me from the first shelf I looked at in the little second bookshop in town. Later as I soaked up the contents, I knew that it was one of those books that I was ‘meant’ to read. It spoke of all the ideas that I had recently been thinking about and seeing them through the eyes of another deepened and enriched my perspective. I thought about the book my partner Tom and I are writing and how this book complimented it so nicely.

Tom came in and asked if I wanted him to bring Jasper, our baby, into the bath with me. I was about to say yes, when I thought the water might be a bit hot. “Wait a few minutes” I said, and sank back into the water and my flow of consciousness.

I continued to think about our book that is nearly done and all the other people around the world who have woken-up and are waiting for their opportunity to shine, when suddenly I was overcome with the most powerful vision/feeling.

I experienced an incredibly beautiful, rich, loving energy that was moving as a network of blue currents over the planet. It vibrated at both a deliriously high, ecstatic frequency, and rumbled slowly like sexy thunder, penetrating and re-establishing itself deep in the hearts of all that are open. I could see that this power is limitless, and understood that once established it has the capacity to spread like a tidal wave.

The beauty was so overwhelming I cried deliriously. I felt in complete awe, and was graciously humbled by the absolute exquisite nature of what I had just witnessed.

As my consciousness re-focused on my present, physical surrounds I was left with the echoing of a thought “we cannot even begin to imagine the depth and beauty of what is afoot.”


Beyond Duality--Love the Darkness

I was inspired to write this after reading the thread titled “Duality: its true meaning” by AngelBlade. I feel that this is an area that invites a lot of confusion. It has taken me many years to develop what feels to me like a good understanding. I have come to see the light and dark both as incredibly beautiful and powerful.

I think everyone here has a good concept of the light; but the dark side often still seems to be obscured, and even confused with evil. For me the dark is raw unrefined passion, it growls and groans, rips and pounds, and ultimately provides life with incredible depth--like in a painting.

I believe that the problem began when we established the notion of good and evil. Everything dark became evil and everything light became good. I believe this was big mistake! The darkness (often associated with the feminine) is beautiful, deep, rich and wonderful---except when there is an absence of LOVE. Only when there is no LOVE does the darkness become evil.
For a long time I found the new age movement did not resonate with me because it seemed one sided (unbalanced). Rainbows, flowers, stars, fairies and dolphins abound (don’t get me wrong though…I love all these things), but where are the wonderful dark things that have so much to teach us?
In my own search within I found that I had buried certain aspects of myself, (which I was socialized to view negatively), deeply away in my self-conscious. An example of one of these dark (but certainly not evil) aspects (energy) that I came across on my quest for inner unity was the Divine Whore. This part is wild and fierce and loves to ****!! This part of me was stifled and repressed because I feared it. When I first made contact with this part it appeared to me as scary and depraved, but when I allowed myself to accept it and give love to it I found an incredible ally instead of an enemy. I eventually came to realise that so much unconscious energy was being spent repressing the aspects I perceived as ‘bad’. When I learned to embrace and love my darkness I began to feel myself approaching deep peace and inner UNITY.

Everything has its place.

We are all incredible divine beings that each contain ALL. In order to bloom we, like flowers, need to reach towards both the glorious light, and the fertile darkness.
People who decide they ‘choose’ the light are ultimately maintaining and upholding the duality. Please don’t be afraid of the dark…there are so many treasures to be found there!! And remember the antidote to evil is LOVE! Hey I just realised something when I wrote that: evil is just love written backwards with an I (representing separation) instead of an O (representing circle/unity).

True LOVE is light and dark, but cannot be evil.