Fear based paradigm

Uncertainty about our personal worth

Lack of trust in the universe

Belief that there might not be enough

Operating from an isolated/separation based viewpoint (me/everyone else)

Ego dominant

Results: need to control, competitive approach, selfish behaviour/saviour behaviour, fear of unknown, need for outside approval, need to judge, be critical  and compare


Love based paradigm

Deep sense of self-worth

Deep trust in the Universe

Belief that our needs will be met

Operating from a holistic/unified viewpoint (us)

Heart dominant

Results: Ability to let go and trust, forgiving, cooperative, open approach, acceptance of ourself and others, openness to new experiences, autonomous sense of self-worth, ability to relax and just be.


Fear based paradigm

This is the paradigm that we were born into. While it is not our natural state, everything in this world teaches us to be this way. The entire system, often including our own families, our teachers and even our closest friends, is so deeply embedded in the fear paradigm that it is virtually impossible to reach maturity without having internalised fear based beliefs.


  • Society deeply embeds the belief in us that some people are better than others. We learn to compare ourselves to others and to evaluate ourselves from an outside perspective.


  • Society teaches us that we need to be competitive. We learn that we must fight to get our piece of the pie. Because resources are limited it is every man for himself. Success is based on individual achievement. 


  • Society teaches us that there are dangers everywhere. One wrong move and we might find ourself at the bottom of the heap. Random crises, illness, or disasters could pop up at anytime and so we must constantly be wary.

Life is a continual struggle

Love based paradigm

When we learn to live from a love based paradigm our experience of ourself and our world changes dramatically. It can be a challenge to shift the deep seated beliefs that society has instilled in us, however, because the love based paradigm is actually our true natural state, when we become conscious we see that everything in our lives has actually been pushing us towards this loving state.

When we shift back to our natural state we remember that every single being, including our self is not only important, but divine. It is impossible to compare people because we all have our own unique journeys that are perfect for us. No one really can be better than anyone else because we are each unique expressions of the same divinity. Different people learn different things in different ways at different times. There is no objective right way or wrong way.

The real challenge is just to be true. We are so used to hiding our flaws and vulnerabilities, but the path of love requires emotional bravery. As we make this shift inside we need to be prepared to show our vulnerabilities, to experience awkward and uncomfortable situations. This is just part of the process. As we get used to operating from the loving space of our true self the more we will be able to move through the world with ease and grace.

Magic is the intelligence of love in action

The more we are able to really let go and allow love to move into our world. The more we understand and feel that we are part of something amazing and incredible. The energy of love has intelligence and wisdom that is far more profound than anything our ego and head is capable of.  The energy of love brings out the highest expression of beauty and truth.

Keys: Awareness (observation), Acceptance (no judgement), Trust (situation is for highest good), Love (act through the heart)