Detail photo from Liquid Poetry Process

Liquid Poetry


Many years ago I purchased someone’s antique bottle collection.  I just loved the beautiful old glass and the way that they had weathered the years. At the time I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but I knew one day their purpose would become clear.

A little while ago I noticed that some water felt different to me than others. I became intrigued with the idea of using different elements to ‘charge’ water. I explored some of the ways people have used moonlight and crystals to create moon essences, and how Bach created flower essences.  I also explored Dr. Emoto’s idea of consciousness being able to ‘program’ water in a way that affected its molecules.   I became very excited by the idea of playing with these concepts.

I started to think about what energy signature I would like to create and what elements I would use in the process. As I thought about ‘love’ I thought about infusing the rainwater with rose petals, and rubies, with moonlight and sunlight...and as I went poured through my books that list qualities of different elements...I saw poetry in the list I was creating. Suddenly the bottles popped into my mind, and the concept of Liquid Poetry was created.

For me this creative process is a meld of meditation, play and magical ritual. I endeavour to perform each step in full consciousness, holding the energy signature that I am aiming for in my mind and heart.

The collecting process is beautiful. I love wandering through nature choosing the flowers that feel right, and gathering the perfect water from magical spots in the bush.  I also collect sea water to cleanse my crystals prior to their use.

Once the crystals, gems, precious metals, blossoms and petals have been added to the water it is time to expose them to the right light in order to bring out the ideal properties.  I also love this aspect of the process because it requires me to be extra aware of nature’s cycles. I try to only expose them for an hour at a time to each lunar or solar aspect, and keep them covered with a silk cloth in between.

It was especially exciting to be able to capture the Nov. 2012 solar eclipse. Where I am located in NSW Australia it was at appoximately 80%. Powerful, beautiful, transformative energy indeed!.

I decided to use quartz crystals to seal the bottles because of their ability to direct and enhance energy. I chose to use unspun wool and beeswax to finish the seal because I felt their natural properties would not interfere with the energy of the water.

I recommend using these ritual objects in the same way one would use a crystal. 


Keep out of direct sunlight.

Dust lightly with slightly damp cloth.

Shake gently with intent to refresh energy.


If you are interested in purchasing Liquid Poetry please email and I will send you photos of available bottles.