The Ego

In order to align with love the ego needs to step out of the driver seat. This is a frightening prospect for the ego, who feels that in order to survive it must maintain control. But unlike some teachings, love does not want to squash or destroy the ego. Love knows that fear and insecurities drive the ego and lead it to want to control and feel superior in order to hide from these uncomfortable feelings. When the ego feels true love it ceases needing to inflate itself can finally hand over the wheel to love and finally relax and just be. When we let go of the need to control and learn to trust and allow love to guide us once again, we open ourself up to magic.

Vibrational Field

Our outer reality is a perfect reflection of our inner world. What we put out comes back to us. But it is not JUST what we CONSCIOUSLY think that determines the state of our outer world. Some people try to follow ‘The Secret” and end up working to push away negative thoughts and focus only on positive thoughts, believing this will allow them to manifest their dreams. However what we actually send out is not just our thoughts, it is essentially an energetic signature that captures all aspects of our being. Both our conscious thoughts AND unconscious thoughts are reflected back to us in our outer world. When we become aware of this we can start to see negative experiences in our outer reality, not as punishment or a sign of failure, but rather as reminders of areas inner healing that is needed. 

A lot of fearful thoughts come from parts of us that we don’t want to look at. Parts that somewhere along the way we came to believe were undesirable and thus we unconsciously pushed deep down. These parts, feeling rejected and unworthy, actually have a lot of power in our lives, and are the source of much pain and fear. When we are ready to open ourselves and reconnect with these parts we begin to heal and change our energy signature.  As more and more of our aspects are healed with love, the more our energetic signature becomes love and the more our outer world reflects the love within.  The key to this process is willingness to be open, honest and accepting (all attributes of love)in a process of deep self reflection. When we can accept both the beautiful, gentle and kind aspects, AND those we have labelled as undesirable we are well on our way towards healing our inner fractions and returning to a state of LOVE.