Duality Question and Answers

The following were questions and answers that arose from a posting I made about duality on a public forum

Could you elaborte more on 'duality' ?

In this context I am using the term duality to refer to the us and them mentality that prevails on earth. In duality we are disconnected from unity consciousness/ sense of our oneness. Because we don’t directly feel our oneness it becomes logical to vilify others, to go to war with others, to try to get more for ourselves etc
But ultimately the us and them mentality keeps us divided from ourself.

In duality there is always a sense of other, of unknown, and thus always an element of fear that drives our actions.

When we transcend duality we realize that we are everything. There is nothing that is not us, and thus, unless we fear ourself, there is nothing to fear. This is why loving ourself is the key to transcending duality. As we heal the duality within, our relationship with the outer world shifts as well.

Does it need to be there ?

I don’t believe it needs to be there, I believe it is there because we set up this realm of experience because we are passionate, creative, curious being/ beings who thought it would be a fascinating experience/experiment, we want to try it all!.

There are realities that I have touched on where we exist as separate beings, but we are all conscious that we are truly one being, and this understanding guides our actions. In this state where we are connected to love the nature of duality changes and it become a gift rather than a prison sentence.

Who's in control of maintaining it ?

On this level I am not sure of the details, it is not my department…lol….we can call them the PTB, the illuminatti, aliens, reptilians…one or all of the above (there are many working out this side of things). All I know is that from the perspective that I am able to access, it doesn’t really matter…it’s all really US. When we divised this ‘game’/’experiment’ we created roles that embodied good and evil. The job of the evil ones was to keep us separate, to keep us from remembering our divine godliness. Behind the scenes we are all working on this together.

Why / When did it start ?

I have no idea when it started exactly. I think in many ways it was very gradual. Many cultures on Earth only began to see themselves as separate from their surroundings and one another, when they were conqured by Westeners. In the Western tradition I believe that the concept of ‘the Fall’ is an echoe of the process of losing the sense of oneness.

Is 'duality' the core of the 'old paradigm' and if so, what would be the 'new paradigm' ?

Yes, for me duality is the core of the ‘old paradigm’. As I stated above, duality creates the us and other scenario in which we view part of the whole as exterior to us, as unknown, as foreign, a possible threat etc, and thus in duality framework nearly everything we do is driven by fear.

I am not sure how exactly the new paradigm will mannifest, but I know that it will be guided by oneness and love, rather than fear and seperation. 

An analogy I like to use is if we could actually see humanity as one being, right now it would be a tragic sight. Lying crippled on the ground it would be gouging, poisoning and bombing itself, the right hand trying to chop the fingers off the left. Not a very pretty picture. But there is hope that before it is too late we will wake upand realize that we are one being, stop hurting /destroying eachother/ourself, and rise up once again to our divinity.

Is it one of those things that we are just passengers on a train, or what ?

No I certainly don’t think we are just passengers on a train. As I said it really is all US….there is nothing but. There are parts of ourselves that naturally attend to the deeper, behind the scenes side of things. The more we connect with our inner world, the more we become conscious of those aspects of ourself and the more consciously we participate in creating our reality.