Creative Imagination

Development and nurturing of the imagination has not been a priority in modern society. Often we were taught that imagination was something to be left behind with childhood, and that in order to succeed in life we needed only to embrace logic and rationality. However, now as imaginative skills languish, we are beginning to wake up to just how precious the ability to imagine really is. Imagination holds the creative spark of passion and brilliance that brings sparkle and richness to our existence. Like a muscle, imagination thrives the more it is used and applied in our lives. When we reconnect with our inner stream of imagination we reconnect with our powerful creative abilities, our intuition, and our inner flow.

  • A healthy, lively imagination is part of a balanced lifestyle that is vital for creating and experiencing a deeply satisfying life. 
  • Imagination is at the root of all invention, innovation, and creative endeavors.
  • Imagination opens pathways for improved communication, discovery, resourcefulness, understanding, and problem solving.
  • Imagination expands the mind's potential and awakens less active parts of the brain.
  • Imagination needs to be cultivated, nurtured and developed so as to maximize creative potential
  • Without imagination there is no vision.


Participants will:

  • Learn how to access and nurture powerful creative flow
  • Learn to communicate with the unconscious
  • Learn how to shift from unconsciously creating from fear to consciously creating from love
  • Learn strategies to break through creative blocks
  • Learn how to balance and maximize right and left brain thinking

This dynamic workshop is packed with fascinating info, effective exercises and powerful techniques all designed to assist the understanding and development of creative imaginative abilities.

Conditions that stimulate imagination are fun and playful; while dry, boring, stressful conditions are the enemy. Consequently these workshops are designed to provide high quality information in a relaxed and playful setting. 

Techniques & Exercises

Some of the techniques and exercises that will be explored in this workshop include: Relax and Charge; Image Streaming*; The Oracle Game*; Perspective Shift and Flip; and The Intuitive Leap.

*Techniques developed by Dr. Wenger (Author of the Einstein Factor) who is considered one of the foremost authorities on genius and intelligence