Beauty in the Dark

When I reach the state beyond the last veil, that deep state that feels like home, and I see things as they really are, I see the drama of the physical world is just that, a drama, a story, a place where we play and interact with energies of density in order to learn. I see our external reality as an expression of our inner world. The outer world organizes itself in a way to perfectly reflect our deepest beliefs, and thus to help us understand ourself, both collectively and individually. The more we learn to transmute our inner fears into love, the more loving experiences manifest in our lives.

I feel an important key to making this inner shift from fear to love is to choose to view the negative experiences that touch us, such as crises, conflict or illness, as vital teachers instead of as random attacks, punishment, or failure. When we choose to embrace and honour these experiences, rather than fearing them, or fighting them, we cease being victims and discover the true gifts that they hold for us.

An annoying neighbour may be there to teach us about setting up healthy boundaries, an illness might teach us about listening to the subtle messages of our body, and financial difficulties might assist us in recognizing what our most important priorities are. Each situation is unique and immaculately crafted to assist us in our individual development.

When we learn to trust that all is in perfect alignment, we allow the divine to enter our lives. No matter how tragic or unjust something might seem, if we can consciously choose to accept the experience as exactly what we need to grow, we open ourself up to allowing the highest expression of the divine to weave itself into our reality.

As we learn to trust ourselves and the universe at a deep level and surrender to the process that unfolds within us, we recognize our life for what it is, an incredibly perfect journey that ultimately brings us home to love.

© Christina Lavers 2011

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