I am a writer, an artist, a creative enthusiast, and an inner world explorer.

I was born in Montreal Quebec Canada. Now I live with my  life partner and son in a rainforest pocket in the hills behind Coffs Harbour, Australia. I spend my time playing, creating, growing and sharing.

I am a certified mental strength coach and adore helping people re-design their life so that it is in alignment with their heart and soul. I have recently published my first book, a memoir of my awakening journey, titled Jump Into the Blue. I am also a writer for the website: Wake up World.

As well as teaching and running private classes and workshops, I have developed and implemented many projects for local organizations including: Arts Mid North Coast; Coffs Harbour City Council; Coffs Harbour Accommodation Network; TAFE Outreach; St-Augustine’s Primary School; Jumpstart Art; Youth on the Go; and Coffs Harbour City Art Gallery.


The Driving Force of my Art and my Life

My whole life I have felt a connection to something deep, powerful and beautiful. This ‘thing’ has manifested in my life in different ways over the years. As a really young child it sparkled everywhere I looked, in the grass, the trees, even objects in the house, the world was alive and vibrating.

As I got older and more entrenched in ‘reality’ this force receded into the shadows. As a teenager the world, as it revealed itself to me, seemed bleak, absurd, and shallow.

Then as a young adult that deep, beautiful, powerful energy began to reawaken inside me. I became aware of a whole mysterious world that seeps out from between the cracks. I came to realize that there was so much more going on than what our society taught us. I learned to follow my heart, to live life, not chasing status, or money, or even security, but instead searching for depth, beauty, wisdom and love. I learned to trust in the universe; to take risks; to be true to myself; and to explore myself as thoroughly and honestly as I can.

Through the exploration of both my light and dark aspects I learned about the power of love and acceptance in healing my deep wounds. I learnt that like in an artwork the balance of light and dark creates depth and strength in our beings.

Now, this playful, beautiful, teaching energy that weaves through my life, speaks to me of an unfolding, a profound awakening, that I am experiencing within, and am starting to see hints of in the wider world. It is an awareness of our awesomeness, our divinity and our interconnectedness, and most importantly of our true nature which is love and oneness. 



My definition of spirituality has changed dramatically along my journey. In essence for me it has gotten simpler and simpler. Now I see it as being all about alinging with LOVE, which I believe is our true nature. The world that most of us experience teaches us that we are seperate, that we need to compete, to compare, to judge. We learn that we need to prove our worth. Conscious or unconscious fear is the driving force for many people on this planet. But as we learn to love, we start to discover our true selves and how we fit seamlessly, magically in with everything else. When we come into alignment with our heart we come into alignment with all. When this happens ego is able to trust and relax and stop feeling the need to always be in control, and we can let go and be in the moment, in the flow. For me this is what it is all about. It is not easy...but it is simple, and the more conscious, honest, and emotionally brave we are with ourselves and others, the swifter the journey from fear based reality to love based reality becomes.