Alchemy of Love and Life

Something beautiful is happening.  Our hearts are calling out, and the more we follow their gentle urgings the more we open ourselves up to profound transformation. 

There are many of us who are succeeding in pulling our attention away from the external theatrics long enough to hear the whisper of our hearts.

What we hear resonates with love and profound truth.

For most of my life the energies I felt on Earth DID NOT feel right...dense, shallow and mired in fear. I felt the need to keep my most beautiful and fragile aspects tucked away. However in the last few years I have felt a profound shift occur at the deeper levels. The energies feel lighter, more fluid and loving.

The more I align with this change, the safer I feel to expand out to far reaches of my being and re-member all that I truly am. As this shift occurs within, I have felt myself drawn to a more natural, simple, creative lifestyle.  As I release social programming, the need for external validation diminishes and I find myself discovering what really makes my heart sing. I am learning to weave love into every aspect of my life and the more I am able to do this the more I feel myself participating in a profound magical dance that is at once an expression of my unique soul and a reconnection to a beautiful collective harmony.

As more and more of us choose to realign with our hearts and discover our true natures, I believe we will see that we are capable of incredible magic.  

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