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Alchemy of Love and Life

Something beautiful is happening.  Our hearts are calling out, and the more we follow their gentle urgings the more we open ourselves up to profound transformation. 

There are many of us who are succeeding in pulling our attention away from the external theatrics long enough to hear the whisper of our hearts.

What we hear resonates with love and profound truth.

For most of my life the energies I felt on Earth DID NOT feel right...dense, shallow and mired in fear. I felt the need to keep my most beautiful and fragile aspects tucked away. However in the last few years I have felt a profound shift occur at the deeper levels. The energies feel lighter, more fluid and loving.

The more I align with this change, the safer I feel to expand out to far reaches of my being and re-member all that I truly am. As this shift occurs within, I have felt myself drawn to a more natural, simple, creative lifestyle.  As I release social programming, the need for external validation diminishes and I find myself discovering what really makes my heart sing. I am learning to weave love into every aspect of my life and the more I am able to do this the more I feel myself participating in a profound magical dance that is at once an expression of my unique soul and a reconnection to a beautiful collective harmony.

As more and more of us choose to realign with our hearts and discover our true natures, I believe we will see that we are capable of incredible magic. 


The horrific atrocity that we recently witnessed in Paris brought up a lot of emotions in the human collective. As I scrolled down my Facebook newsfeed I saw a vast array of responses that ranged from confusion, to sorrow, rage and love. I feel that we as humanity are in a precarious situation, at risk of allowing ourselves to be conquered by fear, resigned to having our freedoms removed for the sake of safety. I do not want to see this happen and I know it doesn’t have to.

In this reality there is a dynamic interplay between forces of light and dark. The dark force represents fear, oppression, power, dominance, and terror; it operates forcefully in a cold and calculated fashion, relying on our fears to enact its will. Then there is the light that is open, soft, and vulnerable; it moves subtly, organically through the hearts of people, instilling feelings of love as it goes.

The dark force is sneaky and deceptive in its approach; it assumes many forms and has been known by many, many names. It works behind the scenes, uniting disparate, often seemingly opposing forces, always with the same agenda... advancing fear and oppression. People fight over who is responsible, “it’s Islam”, “No it is the CIA”, “No it is the Bankers”, and it sits back and laughs, enjoying its continuing success.

In every moment we as humans face a choice as to where and how we invest our energy. Do we feed the force of darkness and evil by succumbing to our fears and allowing them to dictate our actions, or do we choose instead to nurture that which is gentle, peaceful and loving?

The challenge with this question is that we are so used to seeing things dualistically that we often think that choosing the light means rejecting the dark. This belief is exactly what keeps us locked in the game of good and evil, and is why for so long it has seemed as though the chips were stacked in favour of the dark side.

When we choose a side, we unintentionally perpetuate the ‘us vs. them’ dynamic. In reality, if we want to transcend the back and forth game of duality, we need to stop rejecting and start integrating. We need to realise that there is no us and them. It’s all us!

How do we do this?

By owning our personal darkness. We all contain seeds of depravity and wickedness within. Every act of darkness we see perpetrated on the outside is in some way a reflection of our own internal unresolved darkness. Only when we stop pointing fingers and trying to place the blame somewhere outside ourselves will we cease acting to perpetuate the problem. Once we take responsibility for our own part in the external drama, we stop trying to ‘fight’ the problem, which of course only goes to feed the very forces we think we are against, and instead consciously invest our energy in propagating that which we want to see thrive and flourish; qualities like love, empathy, compassion, understanding and healing.

When we see the situation that recently unfolded in Paris our hearts cry out and the natural tendency is to want to align with the good and condemn the dark, but this will only exacerbate the problem. The pain and suffering we see in the world stems from disconnection and separation, so the answer is not to further alienate, but to reconnect and unite. We need to stop fighting and blaming and start on an individual and collective level to make a conscious choice to walk with integrity. When we operate from a space of wholeness instead of trying to cling to goodness as a reaction to fear we can consciously respond with non judgemental, all embracing love. That is the beauty of love; it has the power to transcend, for it contains all. Love doesn’t blame or reject or condemn, it is so strong that when we stand at its heart, we can contain the wildest and most wicked, and the most delicately vulnerable.

As difficult as it might be to believe sometimes, both the forces of light and dark are teachers that are helping us to know and understand our own hearts. Consciously recognizing and owning our darkness means accepting and understanding it. When we do this we heal the internal rift that fuels the darkness. By integrating that which we fear we cease unconsciously giving our power away to it and being driven by it.

I believe that as humans we are at a very exciting crossroads. As an evolving human collective we have witnessed the forces of good and evil dance and unfurl to such an extent that we are beginning to understand that one will never beat the other. Things are reaching boiling point and the time for transcendence is now. Many of us know in our hearts that it is time to take this human story to a new level. So rather than fall prey to the games that the dark force likes to play, let’s instead use this event to propel us further into awakening and re-connecting to our wholeness, and to the incredible beauty contained within the human potential.

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